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has undisputed leadership position on domestic market of education services in the field of cosmetology and enjoys a high regard on labour market.

At school:

  • we offer professional educational staff and attractive curriculum,
  • we teach in high-tech classrooms and didactic workrooms,
  • we update curriculum accordingly to science and technology achievements,
  • we shape ethical attitudes in the process of education and professional activity,
  • we inject passion to provide the highest quality services,
  • we teach that the quality of a cosmetologist’s work influences the client’s/patient’s standard of living,
  • we maintain high standards remaining strict to principles of honesty, responsibility and reliability in equipping students with: knowledge, skills, competencies which guarantee them development of their own abilities necessary to take up a job or proceeding professional career,
  • we get satisfaction out of the contacts with students being aware of sense and purpose of actions that are taken.
Wyższa Szkoła Zdrowia, Urody i Edukacji w Poznaniu
ul. Brzeźnicka 3, 60-133 Poznań tel. 61 655 85 85, fax 61 655 85 70
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