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Undergraduate studies

3-year Undergraduate Studies (Bachelor’s)

The aim of education is to prepare high grade:

  • podiatrists and cosmetologists,
  • health and beauty educators,

getting knowledge and skills in medical and paramedical sciences.

We teach students:

  • to perform face and body grooming treatments
  • to use cosmetics and high-tech equipment,
  • to cooperate with dermatologists in morbidly modified skin care,
  • to cooperate with aesthetic medicine surgeons.

Specializations to choose – after 2nd year of studies:

  • make-up art and styling,
  • podiatry,
  • cosmetology with the elements of vocational education methodology.

The curriculum of studies includes 3-month apprenticeship.

Students graduate with knowledge of the English language on B2 level according to CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages)

College’s graduates get a job in:

  • beauty salons and beauty parlours,
  • regeneration and revitalization centres
  • SPA centres,
  • cosmetic companies
  • independently set up salons
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