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Master's studies

2-year Master’s studies

  • Studies enable interdisciplinary education in contemporary Cosmetology.
  • Master’s studies can be taken by the graduates of other fields of Bachelor’s and Master’s studies after completion of complementary courses in: anatomy, physiology, grooming and applied cosmetology.

The graduate is given the title Master's of Cosmetology and is prepared to:

  • close cooperation with aesthetic medicine and cosmetic dermatology doctors in skin care,
  • carry out necessary analytical research to evaluate a cosmetic in terms of physicochemical features and applied qualities,
  • cooperation in the process of cosmetics registration and cooperation with the companies producing cosmetic preparations,
  • management of the team of beauty therapists, cosmetologists graduating from Bachelor's studies and supervising cosmetics and cosmetic techniques,
  • organizing and running a beauty salon,
  • fulfil educational function to promote healthy lifestyle and face and body care
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