Extramural 3-year Bachelor degree course

During the course in Dietetics, students gain detailed knowledge of and skills in human anatomy and physiology, nutrition of healthy and sick people, dietetic food preparation technologies, prevention of food-dependent diseases, and psychology of nutrition. This course prepares students, among others, to: planning rational nutrition for various groups of people, monitoring the quality of food products and food storage conditions, assessing a nutritional state and a nutrition method, providing food education and cooperating with other health-care professionals. The purpose of the course is to prepare graduates to work as dieticians on their own. School graduates are able to find employment with: nutrition counselling centres, hospitals, sanatoriums, health resorts, dietetic restaurants, catering companies, companies producing healthy food, sanitary inspections, nurseries, kindergartens, and nursing homes.

After the second year of the course, students of the Dietetics choose one of two majors:

  • nutrition counselling
  • nutrition for sports and well-being purposes.

The curriculum includes 700 hours of traineeship at centres providing nutrition counselling, mass catering operations and food production plants.

Major in: Nutrition counselling
The graduate gains a thorough knowledge of alternative diets, diet supplementation, nutrition principles for children and young people, adults, depending on their physical activity, pregnant and breast-feeding women, and elderly people.

The graduate is able to provide competent nutrition advice and plan nutrition for healthy people and patients suffering of various diseases, as well as to provide education on healthy nutrition habits. This major reflects the dietician’s important role in preventing and treating civilisation diseases and improving the quality of human life.

The graduate can be employed with nutrition counselling centres, hospitals, metabolic disease clinics, mass catering centres, like restaurants, kindergartens, school canteens, sanitary and epidemiological stations, and shops offering diet supplements and healthy food.

Major in: Nutrition for sports and well-being purposes
The graduate is prepared to provide professional advice on nutrition for people performing increased physical activities and has deep knowledge of the physiology of physical effort and biological condition of physical effort.

The graduate is prepared to plan nutrition and supplementation in physical activity of various intensity and in particular sports disciplines in order to improve the effectiveness of physical effort and sports achievements.

The graduates of the course in Dietetics, major in nutrition for sports and well-being purposes, can be employed with sports centres, fitness clubs and gyms, spas, sanatoriums, companies producing food or diet supplements or R&D centres.

Dietetics: Master degree course at the Faculty in Poznań

Studying method: extramural
Duration: 2 years

The second degree course in Dietetics is offered to graduates of the first degree course in Dietetics.

The graduates of other courses may also apply provided that they pass an entrance examination. More information may be obtained from the Recruitment Department, tel. 61 655 85 71.

The entrance examination will be held on 9 September 2020. Exercises available in the PDF format – Download

After the first year of the course, students choose one of three majors:
– Personalised Dietetics and Psychodietetics
– Dietetic support for treating obesity and other civilisation diseases
– Dietetics in sport

Why is it worth choosing the extramural Master degree course of Dietetics at WSZUiE in Poznań?
Apart from theoretical knowledge, students take part in practical classes.
Percentage of lectures: 30% Percentage of practical classes: 70%

Students can have traineeship with reputable hospitals, clinics and nutrition counselling centres.

During classes, students use professional hardware and software which lets them analyse body composition and prepare personalised diets.

Lecturers are qualified practitioners: doctors, dieticians, psychologists.

Professional perspectives for graduates of Dietetics:
Where can you work after graduating from Dietetics? The graduates will be prepared to work at companies, public, local, business and educational administration units dealing with problems of nutrition and in institutions providing counselling on and training in dietetics. They may also work with public and non-public health care centres, nursing homes, mass catering centres and catering companies, nutrition counselling and/or psychodietetic centres, sanitary and epidemiological stations, as well as sports, tourist and recreational centres. The course also prepares the graduates to employment with R&D centres and institutes.

The graduates will be also prepared to carry out their own business activity in the area of nutrition counselling services.

Having graduated from the second degree course, the student will obtain a diploma and a professional title of a master.

3-year Bachelor degree course

The purpose of the course is to prepare first-rate specialists, health and beauty educators having knowledge of and skills in medical and paramedical science to: make body care treatments for all types of skin by the use of cosmetics and equipment of the latest generation, cooperate with dermatologists in the treatment of skin suffering of diseases, cooperate with surgeons of aesthetic medicine. The graduates will find employment with beauty salons, biological recovery centres, spas, companies producing cosmetics and will be able to operate their own salon and offer a full scope of cosmetological services to improve skin health and beauty, as well as mental mood of their clients.

After the second year of the course, students choose one of majors:

  • visage and styling
  • podiatry
  • cosmetology with elements of professional education methods.

The curriculum of the course includes 3 months of traineeship.

2-year Master degree course – extramural (Faculty in Poznań)

The second degree course in Cosmetology provides students with interdisciplinary education in contemporary cosmetology.

The Master course in Cosmetology is also available to graduates of other faculties, provided that they graduate from a preparatory course organise by WSZUiE in Poznań.

The following candidates are exempted from the course:

  • candidates who have a diploma of a cosmetic service technician, or
  • candidates who have graduated from the post-graduate course in Cosmetology, Aesthetic Cosmetology or Aesthetic Dermatology, or
  • candidates that have completed and are able to document at least a 24-month traineeship at the beauty, cosmetological or dermatological centre.

The graduate of the 2-year course in Cosmetology obtains the title of the Master in Cosmetology and will be prepared to:

  • closely cooperate with doctors of aesthetic medicine, cosmetic dermatology in terms of skin treatment;
  • make necessary analytical tests to assess physical, chemical and useful properties of a cosmetic;
  • cooperate in registration of cosmetics and cooperate with companies producing cosmetic preparations;
  • manage a team of beautician and cosmetologists that graduated from a Bachelor course and supervise the application of cosmetics and beauty techniques;
  • organise and manage a beauty salon;
  • perform educational functions to promote healthy lifestyle and body and beauty care.

The graduates will able to work at:

  • beauty salons;
  • biological recovery centres;
  • spas;
  • companies producing cosmetics, laboratories and centres analysing the quality of cosmetic products;
  • establish and carry out their own business activity in the aforementioned areas.

After the first semester, the students choose one of the following three majors:

  • technology of a cosmetic product;
  • anti-aging cosmetology;
  • practical trichology.

* Obligatory preparation course for candidates without higher education in Cosmetology. For more information, contact the Recruitment Centre, tel. 61 655 85 71

1. Registering in the recruitment system
Electronic recruitment for the first and second degree courses will commence on 1 April.
Recruitment for the post-graduate course will commence on 1 May.

We recommend that you should not delay registering in the system – recruitment is based on the first came first served basis. Even if you are not able to collect your matriculation certificate (in the case of the first degree course) or your diploma examination is planned in September (in the case of the second degree and post-graduate courses), you can register earlier and book your place in the course you choose.

2. Fees
Upon registration, the system will generate your individual bank account number (tab: Payments) where all payments should be made. At the recruitment stage, this is a recruitment fee of PLN 85. Candidates for the first degree course in Cosmetology must also pay a starting package fee of PLN 240. The bank account number is the same during the whole duration of the course.

3. Submission of documents
Upon correct registration, documents must be submitted to the Recruitment Office, which is located in the school offices, ul. Brzeźnicka 3 in Poznań (room 105). The documents must be submitted in person or sent by mail. Forms should be downloaded from the tab “Forms”, which is available in the candidate’s individual account created upon registration.
Note! Due to the state of epidemic, which has been introduced in Poland, and the closure of all universities at least till 10 April, the documents (including those to be sent by mail) may be submitted when the school is re-opened. In turn, online registration will be available as of 1 April.

What documents should be submitted?
Upon registration, documents that should be downloaded, printed and delivered to the school will be generated in the tab “Forms”. Other necessary documents include:
– one paper photo meeting requirements for an ID card photo;
– a medical certificate on the absence of contraindications to study to be issued by a doctor of labour medicine (a referral necessary to obtain such a certificate should be downloaded from the system in the tab “Forms);
– a Xerox copy of a matriculation certificate – in the case of the first degree course;
– a Xerox copy of a higher education graduation diploma with a supplement.

Deadline for the submission of documents to the Recruitment Bureau: 31 August.

If you would like to know more about admission, please contact the WSZUiE Admissions Committee in Poznan (filling out this form)